WGU C212 Task

WGU C212 Task

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Marketing C212

Nongbzanga Tiendrebeogo


A1. New Products or Services

“Faso Danfani” is a medium clothing store based in Burkina Faso and owned by Armande Ouedraogo. Faso Danfani makes traditional clothes in pure cotton. It targets all age of the population both men and women. It provides casual, business apparel, shoes, and accessories through approximately 130 small associations who retail them. The two new services Faso Danfani can offer are: Shipping options and customizations. In the following marketing proposal, I will discuss two service options the company can offer to increase its revenue and acquire new customers. The shipping option will enlarge our target market from a national to and international scale. Giving customers a shipping option will create accessibility to potential customers who live overseas.

A.1.a. Methods

Styling Consultation: Having the option of customizing your own handmade design will attract more customers. Designers will be available for customizations. They will contact the client who picked the option of customization either by phone call, chat, or email. In addition, those customizations will be kept confidential. Clients will be more attracted if the clothes are made just for them and will not be reproduced for anyone else.

Shipping Options: It will enlarge our target market. Instead of supplying the national market only, Faso Danfani will expand and be able to reach the international market. We will implement the option of shipping our items at an additional cost. Customers will give us the exact address; we will evaluate and tell they the cost. After the item is ready, they will receive it at the door steps of their home. The immigrants living overseas will have an opportunity to represent they culture wherever they are.

Packages Options: giving the option to customers to get sets will make shopping more fun for customers. Usually, client will buy a red...

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