WGU HGT1 Community Health Nursing Practicum

WGU HGT1 Community Health Nursing Practicum

WGU HGT1 Community Health Nursing Practicum

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The following are directions to write the narrative description of your field project. It should be written in APA (6th edition) format, appropriately noting in-text citations, references, etc. You may attach as appendices any charts, tables, or other materials (labeled with the source identified per APA format). The document should be a minimum of 7 pages and no more than 10 pages, not including the cover sheet, reference page(s), and appendices. Use the headings in the outline below as the headings for your written paper.

1. Cover Sheet
2. Include a cover sheet with the following information:
 Name of the community/population & health issue (Title)
 Your name and WGU student ID #
 Date of submission
 “HGT Community Health Practicum”
 “Western Governors University”
1. Assessment
2. Describe the community where you performed your fieldwork. In your description, identify each of the following items:
 Geographical area (e.g., county, city, town)
 Area size
 Population size
 Demographics
 Physical and social environment
2. Create a community genogram/profile reflecting the health status of the community.
Note: This should be included as an appendix.
3. Discuss the health concern you studied in your fieldwork. Include the following:
 Background in relation to Healthy People 2020 (2010) and local public health data that characterizes this health concern
 Data from national, state, and/or local level related to the health concern
4. Describe the population of interest affected by the health concern you studied in your fieldwork. In your description, include each of the following components:
 Gender
 Age
 Demographics including socioeconomic status and educational level
1. Describe how...

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