WGU Technical Writing

WGU Technical Writing

Technical Writing Project Cover Sheet

Capstone Project Name: Analytic Portal

Student Name: S K. C

Degree Program: Bachelor of Science, IT - Software

Student Mentor Name: Debbie Grudinschi

Capstone Project Waiver/Release Statement Acknowledgement
It is the policy of Western Governors University (“WGU”) that student Capstone projects should not be based upon, and should not include, any proprietary or classified information or material belonging to your employer or any other organization (“Restricted Information”) without appropriate authorization.
Please confirm (by signing below) that you will complete (and upload into TaskStream) the IT Capstone Waiver Release form (verbiage is available in Appendix 2 of this document) indicating that your project does not include any restricted content. If you have included restricted content, please confirm that, in addition to the IT Capstone Waiver Release form, you will upload a suitable release letter giving you permission to use restricted information (A sample release letter is available in Appendix 3 of this document).

Student’s Ink or Electronic Signature Date SignedTable of Contents
Capstone Project Summary 1
Review of Other Work 1
Project Rationale 2
Systems Analysis and Methodology 2
Goals and Objectives 3
Project Deliverables 4
Project Plan and Timelines 4
References 6

Capstone Project Summary
My capstone project is to develop and deploy an analytic and online support chat for a local furniture company to demonstrate the current websites weaknesses and identify areas that need improvement. This local company is experiencing a high number of visitors who leave within the first ten seconds and a very low conversion rate. The company wishes to find ways to increase spending efficiency and create a better visitor experience. Currently the company relies on a third-party company to provide these services, which results in inaccurate web traffic data, duplicate...

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