What About Hydraulictype Structure of Jane Put Jaw Crusher

What About Hydraulictype Structure of Jane Put Jaw Crusher

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Jaw crusher, which is also known as jaw breaker, is a kind of earlier broken equipment and is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, building materials, electricity, transportation and other industries for the advantages of simple structure, sturdy and reliable work, easy to maintenance and installation, and low cost in the construction and production. It can coarse, middle and fine crush various ores and rocks with the strength at 147-245 MPa. So the jaw crusher is more and more popular with the customers. At present, we invented a new type jaw crusher, which is called jane put jaw crusher. Today we will talk about the hydraulic type structure of the jane put jaw crusher.

The hydraulic type structure of the jane put jaw crusher is in the following. This type of simple pendulum crusher discharging mouth, insurance device are made up by the hydraulic system.Hydraulic regulating discharge mouth device, use the hydraulic oil cylinder and plunger to adjust the discharging mouth width, supply oil to the hydraulic cylinder with manual oil pump or electric pump. Plunger push the thrust plate to the desired location as required after inserting plate.When the machine work, thrust plate after plate under pressure, the piston and hydraulic cylinder is no longer under pressure.

What's more, this type of crusher with hydraulic safety device, hydraulic linkage device, the connecting rod with a hydraulic oil cylinder and piston, cylinder connected to the upper connecting rod, connecting rod head), lower part of the piston and connecting rod (thrust plate bearing) connection. Normal work, full of pressure in the cylinder oil, piston and cylinder is equal to the integral part of the connecting rod.When the gouge into the crushing cavity, acting on the connecting rod tension increased, lower oil cylinder oil chamber of the oil pressure will increase.If the oil pressure more than combination of high-pressure overflow in the valve under pressure, will be on high...

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