What About Power Supply System of Crushing Equipment?

What About Power Supply System of Crushing Equipment?

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Along with the increasing popular of mining project, more and more people invested in producing stone crusher machine for mining process. And with the development of mining machinery industry, there are many kinds of mining machines in the market, But do you realize the supplying power system of those crushing machines?

After falling stone quarrying surface blasting by excavators loading, with car shipped to the crusher, broken by the vibrating screen after sorting, belt conveyor sent to the stocking yard, through the simple gravel by dump trucks will stone unit sent to the users.The company designs many kind s of braker machines (http://www.crushing-mill.com/), with annual capacity of 500000 t, calculated at 280 working days per year, daily output of 1786 t, the original PE - 900 * 1060 mandibles crusher 1 production crusher, crusher hours about 224 t, crushing, crushing is 1786 t, can satisfy the need of production.Original crushing plant in blasting safety distance is 300 m away, broken system equipment includes B800 belt machine 2, B650 belt machine 4, 1 set of PS - 4 yk1860 vibrating screen.

Power supply system of breaker machine is as follows: Mine power supply facilities made from the port town of 10 kv power substation high voltage overhead line is introduced into, at a broken industrial square set low voltage transformer room, the indoor transformer of 400 kva transformer is 380/220 v, from the gutter embedded wire to the transformer room control panel, then from the control panel from ground line input to the control system of electrical equipment and light of life.The design of the original power supply system remains the same, the original electric equipment mainly has 1 PE - 900 * 1060 mandibles crusher of 55 kw power, 2 B800 belt conveyor for total power 30 kw, 4 B650 belt conveyor for total power 30 kw, 1 set of PS - 4 yk1860 vibrating screen power of 30 kw, 80 kw, DTH drill air compressor, combined with the line loss and temporary...

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