What Are Bean Cleaning Machine Ordinary Faults and Solutions

What Are Bean Cleaning Machine Ordinary Faults and Solutions

What are bean cleaning machine ordinary faults and solutions? Bean cleaning machine is a common equipment widely used in bean and other grain processing. Bean cleaning machine has some common faults in operation and there are also elimination methods to solve them.

Bean cleaning machine common faults:
1. The material stays unilateral. This may be caused by the following factors:
a. The material in the feeding port doesn’t drop in the middle of the feeding tank.
b. Uneven baiting along with the direction of the baiting hopper width.
c. The screen body has uneven horizontal plane.

For these BEAN CLEANING MACHINE ordinary faults, we can do the following things:
a. Adjust the feeding taper pipe and make the material drop in the middle of the feeding tank.
b. We can adjust the feeding tank and control bypass flow condition of the material.
c. Check whether the rack installation is flat and the rubber springs are the same high.

2. The screen body has phenomenon of pendulum. This may be due to the four uneven supporting points, cavity rubber mattress damage, different phase angles of the motor fan-shaped block, different installation angles of the motors of the two sides and the still motor of one side.

3. Bean cleaning machine has low impurities removing efficiency and yield. This is usually caused by the improper amplitude size, vibration angle and sifter dip angle, blocked sieve mesh and too low position of feeding choke plate.

4. There has plump grain kernels in the screen underflow of the lower layer. We can find out solutions from the following factors:
a. Sieve damage
b. Clearance between the feeding tank and the lattice.
c. Improper shape of screen mesh and size.
d. Clearance between the mound layer and the lattice. The lattice is too thin or too thick.

The above is about bean cleaning machine common faults and causes. We should pay attention to these faults and causes, then we can...

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