What Are Some Comforts and Conveniences That the People in Big Cities Can Enjoy Nowadays?

What Are Some Comforts and Conveniences That the People in Big Cities Can Enjoy Nowadays?

Ho Chi Minh city is the biggest city of Vietnam. Many people from other province have rushed here to find a better opportunities to change their life. In big cities, there are some more comforts and conveniences that the people in here can enjoy than in other small cities.

Firstly, the convenience that the people in Ho Chi Minh City can enjoy nowadays is education. There are well-known universities with experienced professors to serve students' studies. There are also public infrastructures such as libraries and Internet stalls for students to approach the technology and informatics which are now indispensable.

Secondly, Ho Chi Minh is a "land opportunity". It is very convenient for every people doing what they want. Children can go to well-equipped schools or international schools which just only exist in HCMC city in Viet Nam. Students can go to famous universities to study to get good job in their near future; workers can contact modern production-line in factories and officers have more competitive jobs and work in an active environment, contact various kind of people, who have different abilitis and experience so they must try their best.

Thirdly, with recent advances in applying new technologies to our daily life, HCMC's people can have their adequate lives with modern household appliances such as air conditioners, refrigerators... That is a comfortable life that HCM people can enjoy nowadays. Citizens can easily buy whatever they need in supermarkets, shopping mall. For entertainment, people in HCMC have a lot of choices such as going to cinema, going to theater, going to cafeterias or going to restaurants which sell many dishes from foreign countries.

In short, people living in HCMC city can enjoy more comforts and conveniences than the people living in other provinces.

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