What Could Be Better

What Could Be Better

What Could be Better?
Jason Hammons
Axia College of the University of Phoenix
A.J. Brigati

Bling, bling, bling, bling. That’s the sound most people hear first thing in the
morning. That or some variation thereof; the alarm clock. Ever reminding one that it is time to
get up, get to work, and use valuable energy to contribute to the prosperity of someone else.
A perspective boss. Think about this; the alarm clock goes off, you get up, put on your
robe, grab a cup of coffee, stroll over to your computer, and go to work, for yourself. What
could be better? Well in today’s world of advanced technology and communication, a life like
that is only a fingertip away.
This may sound to good to be true, but trends in the economy are creating more
and more opportunities for such businesses everyday. “The home- based business sector

continues to grow and expand, fueled by full-time business owners, part-time entrepreneurs, and

work-from-home telecommuters (Best, 2007)”. A few of the factors that contribute to these

conditions are as follows: more powerful home-office equipment, greater Internet accessibility,

unstable trends in national economics, and corporate lay-offs.

With all the technological devices being created, some believe that the good old

telephone is one of the greatest tools for home-based-business owners. “Whether you’re selling,

placing orders, handling customer complaints, or managing any other type of business activity,

the phone is your best ally…(Bachler, 2007)” If properly manipulated, in the business sense, the

telephone will prove very useful. Calculated organization, proper use of time and equipment,

and plenty of rehearsal, should prove to be helpful in your quest for financial independence.
The outsourcing of jobs is a leading cause of lack of employment in our society. For
major corporations this option gains profit, but...

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