What Courts Have Jurisdiction

What Courts Have Jurisdiction

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What Courts have Jurisdiction?
Michael Verceles
University of Phoenix
Mr. Michael Tancredi
November 10, 2008

What Courts have Jurisdiction?
The State courts will mainly have jurisdiction over this case. State courts have jurisdiction due to the involvement of state laws, such as real estate law, corporation law, contract law, and other state law subject matters that mainly deal with case. (Cheeseman, 2007)
If the city takes action against Mr. Jones, this case will most likely be heard in limited-jurisdiction or General-jurisdiction trial courts. Limited-jurisdiction trial courts hear matters of a specialized or limited nature and General-jurisdiction trial courts hear cases that are not within the jurisdiction of limited-jurisdiction trial courts. (Cheeseman, 2007) Determining what other facts may develop in proceeding with the case investigation, if any findings fall outside of the limited-jurisdiction trail court, then this will take place in a General-jurisdiction trial court.
The possibility of Jurisdiction of Federal Courts may also be involved. This is due to the adjacent property owner being a citizen of Switzerland. If the adjacent property owner decides to sue Mr. Jones, the Federal Courts have limited jurisdiction to hear this case involving Diversity of citizenship. Diversity of citizenship case may occur because there is a case between a citizen of a state and a citizen of a foreign country. (Cheeseman, 2007) A possible concurrent jurisdiction with the State and Federal Courts may also occur. Concurrent jurisdiction hears cases involving diversity of citizenship as well. (Cheeseman, 2007)

Cheeseman, Henry R (2007). The legal environment of business and online commerce: business ethics, e-commerce, regulatory, and international issues (5th ed.). New York City, New York: Prentice Hall Inc.

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