What Coused the Civil Law

What Coused the Civil Law

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What Caused The Civil War

In 1642 there was a civil war between King Charles the first and parliament that time. The main issue of this is that the king ruled without parliament and there was a fight between them over money, religion and power.

Firstly Charles gets a bad start because he marries a catholic and at time England was a puritan(protestant).marring a catholic was a bad start because this will make the people of England suspicious of him they might think he is trying to make England a catholic. After this parliament refused to give him money but King Charles collects the money from them and sends them home and rule without parliament. This all happened in 1625.

In 1629 when Charles has no parliament to give him money he introduces unpopular taxes and he also tries to make the church more catholic. Both of these decisions that Charles has made have made the people very unhappy and angry as well as extremists. Charles tries to extend his polices to Scotland but he fails to do this and on top of this they wanted compensation which put Charles into a very bad place and in need for money really bad.

Charles made bad decisions in 1640 again but this time parliament makes them to. Parliament demanded more power and Charles tries to arrest 5 parliament members but parliament took over Charles army and they made 19 propositions

The mistake that Charles did about money was he increased taxes and he tied to find money without parliament. He introduced a tax called ‘ship money’ which non coastal people had to pay to improve the navy when there was no war only the people who lived on the coast paid ship money. He made all of the countries to pay ship money this angered them and people who did not pay were severely punished. This was a bad thing to do for the king.

The mistakes that Charles made about religion was Charles change the church in 1630 the church was made to the Church of England it was decorated he also told the priest not to discourage...

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