What Do Teenagers Consider “Cool” These Days?

What Do Teenagers Consider “Cool” These Days?

What do teenagers consider “cool” these days?

“Cool” is generally related with some teenagers’ kind of behavior, phenomenon, language and fashion. In my opinion, “cool” is labeled as an individual attitude. For instance, a person who shows great wisdom in everything he said and did is certainly cool for me. Yet not everyone agrees with my definition of being cool. So what do others think of cool?

Nowadays, while walking in the campus, you usually hear people saying “Wow, that’s really cool!” when gazing at one’s brand-new shoes, starring at a modern cell phone, or seeing people doing something stunning and dangerous. And some of the teenagers even deem smoking and getting tattoos attractive, because these make them feel mature. So obviously, for teenagers, being cool is to be conspicuous. But making parents happy is absolutely not included. Furthermore, they consider things that fascinate opposite sex are extremely cooler than getting good grades on tests.
In the end, many teenagers have gone bad as a result of caring too much with their appearances and hairstyles and ignoring what’s really cool and important in their lives.

Those things do not happen only on TV and newspapers. When you observe your teenage friends carefully, you would find that their eagerness for being cool is so intense. My friends can be good examples of it. Anny is one of them, and she refuses to listen to music unless it’s American. She thinks people listening to American music are cool, wise and worthy of being her friend, and those who listen to Taiwanese music definitely aren’t cool at all. That’s such a prejudice, but undeniably, it is also an instance of seeking cool. Bree is another of my friends; she always follows Anny wherever she goes and whatever she does. Anny is a cool, glittering star in Bree’s heart, so she will do the same even when Anny wears a really stupid hat. To make a long story short, teenagers do whatever they think is cool in order to be cool. Then if you...

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