What Do You Think?

What Do You Think?

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What do you think?

In the view of who am I, there are lots of different view of it. There are dualisms: Plato and Descartes, materialism, and the biblical.

Plato believed that we are made of two things. Matter, which changes every day and will decays. Soul, which does not change and will not die, it will last forever. Descartes believed that we are made of the two things too but he also came out with a very famous phrase “I think, therefore I am.”

Materialism believed that we are simply matter. They do not believe that we have a thing call “the soul”.

The Bible thinks that we are a unique combination of matter and the breath, the spirit of God.

I think the speech made by the dualism was more persuasive then the materialism and from the Bible. Plato has a lot of examples to prove that he was right or the idea was right. He gave out the story “Allegory of the Cave” from the book ‘The Republic’.
He also describes the soul being like a charioteer trying to steer two horses. The chariot might be seen as the body, the driver is the reason, the white horse represents emotion or passion, the black horse represents appetite or desire. These examples may be more persuasive then materialism and the bible as he got something to prove he is right.

In my opinion, I think that we are what we feel. Our feeling in our heart won’t be wrong if you feel the very deep of your heart. I believe that we have a soul and this kind of thing is very special, if you are good at the very deep of your heart, you will have a soul, but you are very bad from the very deep end of your heart, then you won’t have a soul. We have to feel the very deep end of our little world. If we don’t have a heart, we won’t be able to have a dream, we are alive, living in this world is to have dreams, jump to our dreams and fight for our dreams. If we have a dream, that means we are alive, living in this beautiful world that is made for us. We also have to believe in ourselves to go for our...

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