What Dreams May Come Review

What Dreams May Come Review

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What Dreams May Come

When I first heard we were going to be watching a film in Comp. II, I was a bit apprehensive about whether this was going to be an awesome or not some awesome film to watch for three class periods. After watching What Dreams May Come, all I can say is that I actually enjoyed the movie for the most part.  In the movie, Robin Williams stars as Chris Nielsen, a doctor who has suffered with his artist wife Annie through the devastating loss of their children, Marie and Ian, who were killed in a car accident. Stopping one night to help a motorist in a wreck, Chris is struck by a car and killed. At first confused about where he is, Chris meets Albert, a spiritual guide who helps him to realize he's passed away and that he must move on to the next world. What Chris envisions as paradise are the paintings of his wife, and he happily takes up residence there, waiting the far-off day when Annie will eventually join him. He also meets his children, although they have chosen different appearances than the ones they had in life. Then tragedy strikes when Annie, inconsolable, commits suicide and goes to Hell. Although it is rarely done, Chris insists on traveling there, risking his eternal soul to save the woman he loves. Accompanied part of the way by Albert and a guide called “The Tracker”, Chris finally reaches Annie in Hell.

The music, sounds, cinematography, setting, and acting were all on point. Robin Williams delivers a fantastic performance, embodying his character to its full to the point of where I forgot it was Robin Williams during the movie. All the other actors delivered sound performances, but another shining star in this movie is Cuba Gooding Jr. His acting was right up there with Williams. The cinematography, filming techniques, music, and settings were another strong point of the movie. The flashback...

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