What Enabled Me to Become an a-Level Historian

What Enabled Me to Become an a-Level Historian

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What has enabled me to become an AS level historian?

There have been many aspects in my life which have been contributing factors to becoming an AS level historian. History has been my favourite subject for as long as I can remember; since I was young I have loved to learn about ancient cities and the epic stories that have laid there foundations - from the awe inspiring tales of the great Pharaohs like Tutankhamen to the vast adventures of mythical heroes like Odysseus and Hercules and over the years my passion to explore and delve further in to the past has only increased if only broadening my curiosity of other societies and cultures right through time to the world of today. In my opinion the one idea I hold true and is key to my love and interest in history is the idea that history is our future, so if we can see where we’ve been maybe we can get an idea of where we are going and the endless possibilities the future can hold.

One of the main contributing factors to my decision to take my history up to AS level is my GCSE exams and results as on the 21st of august I received my B in history which only reinforced my idea of taking history at AS level and to carry it on to A level as I thoroughly enjoyed the two years of learning about medicine, public health, transport and leisure. Population was less interesting than the other aspects covered in this period of history as it was mainly focused on the ideas of composition and distribution and didn’t really go in to any real depth of the social and economical effects. However Due to this lack of interest it made me try harder and persevere as one thing I have learnt over the past 5 years is that all aspects within a time period often impact on other areas and as a result it would be foolish to study one area and ignore the others. Through the perseverance of this, I have a wider view and a deeper knowledge of the time which I feel this is an important skill to have.


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