What Factors Need to Consider When Choose Crushers

What Factors Need to Consider When Choose Crushers

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Crusher is a widely used in industrial production equipment, its working principle is to use a certain institutions applying pressure to one or more of the following methods make large materials broken into small pieces. The current developed crusher at home and abroad have a lot of kinds, use scope is different.Therefore, in the choice of concentrator crusher, to comprehensive factors to decide. And do you know which factors shoud be considerd?

Our expert consider that there are three main factors that need to concider when chooses crushers. They are as follows:

(1) the nature of the material

The performance characteristics of different material, its strength, hardness, brittle and so on are different, so make it broken wire way is also different. Basis of the crusher of choice of way of applying should be compatible with the nature of the material, just can have good crushing effect. As for larger toughness and viscous material, adopt suitable grinding strip and splitting force application mode; For hard material, to select the main squeeze force application way, impact crusher suitable matched;For brittle materials, bending and impact can be used more advantageous.

(2) the performance characteristics of crusher

Many different kinds of crusher, some suitable for coarse crushing, some is broken, apply to some suitable for fine grinding, so where is the focus of the concentrator to clear beneficiation production.If the work is focused on coarse crushing, which can choose gyratory crusher, large jaw crusher, hammer crusher and counterattack crusher, specific choice according to the ore hardness segmentation.If used for crusher, usually adopt cone crusher type and standard (middle), hammer crusher and counterattack crusher, in small and medium sized mines, but also a finely jaw crusher and double cavity gyratory crusher.If used to finely homework, choose a short head type cone crusher, roller crusher, vertical impact crusher, cage crusher, small and...

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