What Goes Around, Comes Around (Essay About Cheating for English)

What Goes Around, Comes Around (Essay About Cheating for English)

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What goes around, comes around

According to surveys in U.S. News and World Report 75% of college students admitted they at least once cheated and up to 85% of them said it was necessary to get ahead. Similar surveys at nine universities in the United States showed that 70% of the students have cheated on exams.1
The question rises with so many students cheating, is it that wrong to cheat in your tests? What could the short as well the long range effects be?

How could cheating be okay? Exams are all about being tested on your qualities and knowledge, and if you don’t have those qualities then there is a reason you should not be allowed to go on. If you do so you will find yourself in a position where you might need to qualities which you don’t have and chances are that time the problem that appears will be way bigger then at the time you decided to cheat on a test.

In a moral sense cheating isn’t very fair either. In the end you’re getting away with the same results as someone who infested time and dedication to learning the particularly skills and knowledge needed for the test. How can you ever look someone like that in the face knowing you have cheated on something he did put effort in.

On the other side, what if you really think the test or exam is totally irrelevant for things you’re going to do after this part of scholarship, what if even this might cause you delay because you’ve to sit another year at school? One could argue for him or herself that it is in at least the first way stated above and maybe also in a moral way, justifiable to cheat.

However, I must conclude that for a scholar in his exams and even more so for a student (doing one of his or her chosen studies) it should never be okay to cheat. For a scholar in his or her exams and even much more for the student both first cases from above apply. A scholar in the first or another lower grade might argue with the third argument that cheating could be okay, but overall I think that...

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