What hath become of music today?

What hath become of music today?

Music is an expression of life. When troubled, an old recording of your favourite jam always helps cool the mood. Wonderful melodious tunes, set to meaningful lyrics, are sadly; a thing of the past.

Today, music has lost most of its meaning. The jibber-jabber of today's songs is nothing short of annoying, even when it is set to a 'catchy', loud beat. The lyrics of an incredibly popular pop song go: '' Rawh Rawh Ra-ma-ma-oh'' for at least a minute of the video(Sorry, Little Monsters). I get that a person needs to appreciate different genres of music, but I fail to see the point of LOUD NOISE blaring into your skull, making every fibre of your being explode with tension.

What HAS happened to music? Have people somehow randomly run out of good tunes? Has public opinion changed? Whatever the cause may be, the current array of music is sad.

Good old tunes like 'Imagine' by John Lennon or the infamous Michael Jackson's fast-paced beats get me going everytime. But current artists that produce dubstep, cause me nothing short of a noseblood (That was a Key&Peele reference. Dont call it plagiarism).

Oh, and the worst of them all, the instruments. Where are they now? They've been thrown in the dumpster, only to be replaced by obviously electronic electronic drums. (Take a moment and read that line again, Grammar Nazi).
Those beats only get my heart rate going way faster than it should.

But in the middle of all this madness, I find solace in a few bands and artists I am eternally grateful to, for being a ray of light on a dark, dingy day.

I realise that this entire article is solely based on my opinion of today's music; so if you are one of those Skrillex fans, scoot away. But if you are like me and feel the same way, feel free to respond with sufficient 'I can totally relate' comments down below. And if you do have some wonderful songs, recommend them to me below! (No heart palpitations please).

Ooh, and a footnote: For people that think old music is...

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