What Have You Learned from a Mistake?

What Have You Learned from a Mistake?

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What have you learned from a mistake?

To bridge the yawning communication chasm between faculty and students due to lack of time and interaction and ineffective communication skills, I initiated a discussion forum, AURA, in second year of college. The interactive format where teachers and students discussed a plethora of topics at weekly gatherings ensured its success and led me to conceptualize a similar program for other colleges. Collaboration with three senior and experienced professionals lent more focus to the idea.

‘Nobel Learning’ venture was started to spread the interactive and articulate leaning of AURA elsewhere in the final semester of my undergraduate studies. I was soon caught up in my final thesis and studies. My deflected attention gave the advantage to my collaborators, who sidelined me. Owing to their long experience and my relative absence, they started swerving the direction towards a markedly commercial side.

While presenting our services to another college, I realized that the originally conceptualized value proposition was lost. My partners were offering a typical English tutoring center, an idea I did not believe in. I tried my best to convince them that our core value was the innovation and interaction failing which I took the bold decision to bow out.

I realized my mistake was my failure to assess and understand the consonance between my views and their ideas. I understood the need to collaborate with people who shared the faith and acknowledged the need to acquire more experience to handle myself in complicated and demanding scenarios.

Under the aegis of the CSR group at Evalueserve, when I started a school for students, hailing from underprivileged backgrounds, I planned well in advance. I took the help of specialists, volunteers and teachers in dealing with intricate facets. In the smooth functioning of our makeshift school, I see the stamp of my prior learnings as perseverance, alternative solutions; adaptability,...

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