What Have I Done?

What Have I Done?

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What have I done?

I had my second visit at Edge Hill University, I was taught about the different learning styles in the first lesson. I learnt what type of learner I am and this was very useful information for me, because I was a visual learner which I was unaware of. I then had a lesson on critical thinking, the lesson on critical thinking was beneficial because I learnt what critical thinking was and I also learn the basic knowledge of critical thinking. I was then given information sheets that give more detailed information on critical thinking and the characteristics of a critical thinker. I also took part in some practical activities and I learned about good activities for the brain, the activities were also a very good way of warming up.

What have I learn about this?

In the lessons about the different learning styles I learnt what kind of learner I was, and I also learned about critical thinking. I am now able to identify the type of learner I am which is very important because when I am revising I will know how I learn best and I will be able to but my knowledge into practice.

During the critical thinking lesson I was mixed with people from other groups who I have never worked with before, I found out that I work well when I am in a group and I am able to do things much quicker when I am communicating with other people. I also found the information sheets on the characteristics of a critical thinker very useful because it was detailed information that gave an overview of critical thinking and it also answered all the questions that I was unsure of. I learned different kinds of activities to do in the morning for the right and left hand side of the brain.

Is there anything that stopped my progress?

My progress was stopped because I was quiet and was interacting less with other members of the group, I was also unsure about certain things in the critical thinking lesson but because I was not very familiar with the tutor I was unable to...

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