What He Wanted

What He Wanted

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Since long Treck’O wanted to conquer the world.

So much planning, so much investment, so little time left.

Treck’O was a dying man. 4 months ago, he was diagnosed with this incurable sickness. Till then there had been no cure. No cure…

But he would not die so easily. Treck’O wouldn’t. Not until he had conquered Earth.

It took 4 months of planning and finally it was time for him to rise.

To rise and ultimately fall…

Treck’O would take every country hostage, and they would bow to him and make him King. And when Treck’O would be crowned King of the Blue Planet, he would then rest his soul in peace.

7 days until the plans were set in motion and the world to discover his master.

But something changed in Treck’O’s life. Something did. Something did change as he did not even set his plans in motion 7 days later, he destroyed them.

During that 1 week countdown, Treck’O had met someone who changed his life.

Treck’O forgot everything about conquering the world.

All he wanted was to conquer her world.


Her heart, her lips, her smile, her everything.

Treck’O wanted to be part of her world.

She was what mattered to him.

The world meant nothing to him now, her world did.

Treck’O did everything to please her and get to her.

Finally he succeeded.

The woman accepted him and they started going out together.

Slowly they built their relationship and created a path to their future.


Treck’O realised then he was still a dying man.

He never told her. He did not want her to be sad or worried. All he wanted was her smile and that warmth that surrounded her.

One day, the woman told Treck’O it was time to get married and have a happy life together as a married couple.

Treck’O panicked. He ran away, leaving behind a letter telling her not to look for him and of his ill-fated sickness and how he planned to conquer the world and how he threw his plans away for her and how she brought happiness to his life....

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