What Is an American

What Is an American

What is an American? To me being an American can mean a lot of different things. It could be someone who lives in America or someone who works here.

One of the many differences between an American and many other countries is the fact that we are not picky. For instance to become a German you either have to have German heritage or believe in a German religion, but an American doesn't have to be from America or even believe in an American religion, but can be from anywhere and have any ethnic background.

America supports many different cultures, lifestyles, and languages (English being our superior language). When I think of the wealthiest people in china they are all Chinese, but when I think of Americas richest people they are black, white, Hispanic, and many other different races.

To me America is all about freedom, freedom of speech, freedom of religion, and many other freedoms. If we didn't have these freedoms we would be just like everyone else and nobody would prefer us to the other countries. One thing people don't understand is the fact FREEDOM doesn't come FREE! We had to fight for the right to be free, not just once but many many times. People are taking advantage of this right. They don't realize what trouble many generations of our ancestors went through just to be free and now many Americans just want everything handed to them, they don't want to have to work for anything, they don't understand what our world would be like without freedom.

We are not ones to hold a grudge, even after the September 11 attacks we were allowing people from Afghanistan and Iraq into our country. If 9-11 happened to any other country they would have banned Afghanistan and Iraq people from entering their country. Also unlike many other countries, in the time of need, we pulled together and went in search for the people who tried to ruin our country.

Being an American means putting trust in your neighbor and in your country, we try our best to...

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