What Is Biometrics Security?

What Is Biometrics Security?

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What are the disadvantages of biometrics?What is Biometrics Security?

We have seen in James Bond movies that doors can be opened by giving voice copmmands. In some hollywood movies, you would have seen thumb impressions are used to open doors. All these are nothing but Biometrics.

Think of these scenarios.
1. You go to a bank to withdraw money. You fill up the withdrawal form, sign it and give it to the bank clerk. Your signature is used to verify your identity
2. You are shopping using your credit cards. While paying the photograph on the credit cards and the signature on the credit cards are used to verify your identity.
3. In big companies, all employees are issued an 'employee pass' with their photograph. People with these 'employee pass'es are allowed access to the company premises.

In all these above scenarios, signature and photographs are used to verify a person's identity. In reality any person can learn to use another person's signature. Worse still is they can replace your photograph with their own photograph on these cards. Therefore, these existing authentication methods are not secure enough.

Biometrics solves these above issues. Every person's face is unique. Each person's thumb impression is also unique. Everyone's voice is different from others. The eyes are also unique for every person. Therefore it makes sense to use these unique features of each person as a means of authentication.

Therefore for using computers, passwords are no longer required. To enter one's company , employee passes are no longer required. Your body is sufficient. Using any parts of your body the biometrics system can identify you. America, Canada and some european nations already use these security systems.

What is a Biometrics system?

There are two main modules in a biometrics system. "storing" and "comparing". The sytems must first store your information before it can use this stored information to compare and verify. The storing process however...

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