What Is Contentment?

What Is Contentment?

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What is contentment? – I think that contentment is when you’re happy and satisfies with what you got and not jealous of other people and their material things, also not comparing yourself to other people, and changing just to be like them to make you feel better. I consider myself to be very content person because I am happy with my life and what’s in my life like my family and friends and then you know you have people who love you around you , Which can make you content.

What is discontentment? - I think that discontentment is when you’re not happy with the overall things in your life, and is jealous of luxuries that other people have and that you can’t have it. Also discontentment could mean that you are ungrateful with things you do have, even though other people may not have the privilege of having, and then you’re taking it for granted. Also it could mean that you want to be like others and change to be more than what you really are, which is being discontent with yourself.

In class I have studies two short stories dealing with discontentment. The first story was called the necklace by guy de Maupassant ( 1850-1893) , Basically the story is about a woman called Mathilde Loisel she was born into a lower- middle – class family married to a junior clerk. She feels that she deserves to be in a higher class family, and to be treated as she is in one. She also imagined that her house was of higher class. On the other hand her husband was the opposite, he appreciated what he had and didn’t complain, through the story she experiences discontentment and getting to the end it doesn’t get any better for her.
The second story we studied was called Desiree’s baby by Kate Chopin. The story is basically about a woman called Desiree who marries and has a baby with a man called Armand. People start to notice there is something different about the baby. Armand finds out something at the end and it ends up with the both of them being very discontent.

The necklace...

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