What Is Pro-Life Movement

What Is Pro-Life Movement

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People have different beliefs. And those beliefs depend in the person's religion, personal views, and culture. A lot of us believe in the sanctity of life. We believe that no one has the right to take way the life given by God. Don't you know that there is a distinct movement that puts to work the belief of the value of life? Yes, there is one and the term to best describe the association is the Pelican Project. As the term suggest, it is favor towards the natural life on Earth.

A Pro-life movement is whether a social or political organization whose main goal, specifically, is to oppose abortion, euthanasia, cloning, and death penalty. The movement supports legal and natural prohibition, and restrictions. Christians normally support the pro-life movement, though its not limited to Christians alone. Some non-Christian countries ban abortion and other non-humane acts.

Pro-lifers believe that no one could take away one's life, not even the highest ranked officer of the country, or the world. Pro-life individuals believe that human life should be valued whether it came from conferring reproduction or implantation, until the person's natural death. The belief is associated with but not limited to morality, as what the Christian world calls it. Something that has life should be valued, not wasted, or else it will be against morality. Pro-life individuals also object some kind of birth control except the natural way.

They believe that artificial way of preventing the formulation of embryo in the human womb is a sin, thus it should not be tolerated. They limit the term "pregnancy' to the formulation of the embryo though fertilization, thus it is a sacred union of the sperm and the egg. They believe that anything that is artificial is not a solemn process and therefore, it's not tolerated and should be put to a halt.

Pro-life specific persons are not afraid to fight for what they think is Pelican Project. You will not be surprised seeing them in the streets,...

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