What Is Prostitution

What Is Prostitution

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Prostitution is defined to a be a profession in which a woman/man is agreeing or offering to perform a sexual act such as oral sex or in exchange for money or anything of value. In this business, the person selling or offering this sexual service is a prostitute. Prostitution is rejected and looked down on by most religions and cultures; it said to be a sinful and an improper act. In this essay I will demonstrate a full understanding of how this profession came to be, the reasons behind prostitution, where it stands in criminology and a lot more concerning the subject.

Prostitution is one of the oldest professions known. This has been proven through various research being conducted in relation to this subject. Brothels and institutionalized prostitution have existed as early as the Greek and Roman Empires. Profit resulting from prostitution was a source of revenue for the government, where certain governments even established brothels in newly developed cities as a result of new trade routes. Contrary to popular belief some brothels were actually run by women and not only men.

Prostitution was a very poplar kind of trade back in the twenty-first century (1980-2001), when women had little rights and no say. It was unusual for a woman to work; only men had the opportunity to work. Women had to be around the children, taking care of the household. Many men earned little money that could barely cover any living expenses, children could not survive and women needed more. That is when women started selling their bodies to men, it became an official profession that women did for a living. In third world countries, where poverty is a huge issue and there is a very high unemployment rate, women lead themselves to become prostitutes to provide for their children and families for example in urban areas in Karachi and Thailand. Other reasons that turn women in to prostitutes may be emotional neediness, governmental corruption, social discrimination, having a history...

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