What Is Stress

What Is Stress

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“Stress is an unavoidable effect of living and is especially complex phenomenon I modern technological society" (Encyclopedia Britannica). As technology progresses and knowledge is now more available, and students are not keeping up with the influx information that sometimes can change on a daily bases, stress is building up to try to stay up to date. In other instances family and peer pressure can also create stress. University students today are under immense stress, whether from the work load they acquire, or social stress.

Stress that comes form the student work load can take many forms. One way is homework sometimes a student can have a massive amount of homework to do in a very short time frame. And there are many "add on" such as a broken computer or bad internet connection, which naturally increase the levels of stress. From personal experience I had a ten page Sociology essay, and a two to three English essay due on the same day when all of a sudden my hard disk gets hit by a virus making it completely in accessible, and thus putting me under immense stress.

Another form of stress can be in the form of family or peer pressure, also known as social stress. Family can stress an individual especially a student in many ways for example to get good grades, keep a high social adequate, and to keep the family name in "tact". On the other hand his/her friends will want to take him/her out, enjoy a night of mischief, and other typical university stuff.

Students that suffer from work load stress can be affected in many ways. They can suffer from headaches, stomach aches, or they can become very irritable and very aggressive. They can snap or crack at anything; they might turn forgetful or even psychologically ill.

Students under social stress are the most serious cases of stress related incidents, mainly because they are the most affected. Social stress has lead to suicides, depressions and other psychological illnesses. Physical...

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