What is the Manifestation of Ball Mill Wear?

What is the Manifestation of Ball Mill Wear?

Ball mill is the main mineral known as grinding media ball, ball size, quantity, proportion of direct impact on the efficiency of the ball mill grinding and grinding size. Production, the user has only the right to judge ball mill wear replenish better, in order to better ensure the mill operation.

The main form of ball ball mill equipment failure is worn, broken and out of round. Broken and lost a round ball mill not only reduces efficiency, but also speed up the ball wear, so concentrator device, worn under normal circumstances is the main reason for failure. Yantai Xinhai Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of ball mill processing equipment, based on years of experience and knowledge to serve you on the main mechanisms and forms related to mill equipment wear, the majority of users want to be able to help.

(1) cutting and chiseling wear: sharp ball surface forces decomposed material for normal force and tangential force, and the relative motion of the ball embedded in the surface normal force, shear force, and to promote movement along the abrasive surface. Low hardness abrasive ball so shallow scratches the surface, high hardness is caused by abrasive cutting ditch. Scratches and cutting grooves in plastic deformation of the metal occurs, accumulation of the sides and front. High strain rate plastic deformation has occurred so that the metal internal dislocation pile-form cell-like structure, the nature of hard and brittle, and then after repeated rolling, producing strain fatigue crack, hard and brittle nature, and then after repeated rolling, producing strain fatigue crack extended to the surface, causing debris to fall off. When the ball is large abrasive effect on the surface of normal force, the occurrence of chiseling, the formation of chiseling pit, metal chisel away or occur directly shaping the changes, the final result of the formation of iron strain fatigue.

(2) fatigue wear: Ball in repeated changes of impact stress,...

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