What Is the Purpose of Financial Aid

What Is the Purpose of Financial Aid

"What Is The Purpose of Financial Aid?"

"Are you going to class today Monie?" I asked.

"No I got up too late," Monie replied.

Why are you still down here? Are you just down here for the girls, cause you definitely ain't here for school? You are just wasting your mothers money, " I responded.

"She ain't paying for nothing, I got financial aid," answered Monie. "I hate people like you. Ya'll get financial aid and don't even be applying ya'll self to school, just wasting the government's money, while were over here trying to pass classes, studying hard, and have to figure out how we are going to pay for school next school year."

Monie was a 21-year-old male freshman with a few credits almost to classify him as a sophomore. He has attended school for about three years. When he first started school he went out to California to play basketball at a community college. I guess things did not work out because he was soon back in Kansas City at Longview Community College. He did not want to be in Kansas City so he decided to attend Missouri Western to see what it had to offer him. I had psychology class with Monie last semester and all he did was sleep during the few lectures he attended. Most of the time he skipped. He made sure he made it to lunch. This lunch conversation during lunch has gone across my mind plenty of times when I think about what school I will attend next year. I know financial aid will be needed. Financial aid should not be based on income of family; other factors should be looked at closely when awarding financial aid.

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