What is theatre?

What is theatre?

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This is my essay, about theatre. Theatre is definitely the most unprecedented of the arts. It's clear that anyone who knows with agree this, except that the fact some people never have been to a theatre. And theatre is involving people at every stage: people of the audience, in the stage onstage, outside – and more. But why is it we, people go, to the theatre? Every day we go with our friends or if we are a student we go with friends we know from college. Its definitely a social event.

But when you have a choice? Do you go to the theatre instead of doing something like visiting friends in their house/flat or going to see sports events, which are increasingly high popularity these days. Going to the cinema is another artform that people might choose instead of going to theatre because of their favourite actor or the actress they love. Films are popular because of stars, who get paid even more the more people go to the cinema in an uninhibited way. Films also have publicity for a film which might be in the underground train system or train system or even on the bus too. Honestly, I have never seen a theatre poster on the underground train system above the seats, even if musicals also have posters for them especially if you are seeing a bus in the west end of London. So it is not true that theatre has the best publicity, especially compared to film publicity of a greater extent.

Nobody is in the audience of a play. That is when the play cannot happen – the actors will not accept that situation as is and they will probably just do something else to be fair since there isn't any audience. So the play must therefore have a viewing audience present in the theatre. There needs to be at several people of the paying public in the theatre. If it does not happen this way and nobody comes, then it will hardly be acceptable for the audience who have come a long way and will be upset when they are not even allowed into the theatre except maybe if they...

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