What Is Tourism?

What Is Tourism?

Name: Darrayon laing Grade:9S2 'Question1'

Subject: Social Studies CourseWork

Topic: What is 'Tourism'?

Tourism is the industry ivolving the catering to visitors from another

place, it is the business of attracting and taking care of tourist. According

to Wikipedia.org tourism is the travel for predominantly amusement or just

leisure purposes, it is most important that we always think of tourism as a

business or industry. According to countrystudies.us As already

indicated, tourism has been the motor of the Bahamian economy for the

past several decades; the nation's geography, including its climate, natural

beauty, and proximity to the United States, have made it a prime tourist

spot. Tourism is the major determinant of the well-being of the Bahamian

economy and has maintained steady growth since World War II.

TheBahamasguide.com says and I quote "Tourism makes up more than

70% of the foregin exchange entering our country, the tourism industry

employs directly or indirectly about 50 percent of the Bahamian workforce

and accounts for approximately half of the country's Gross Domestic


In conclusion tourism is just the activities of persons traveling to

and staying in places outside their usual environment for not more than

one consecutive year for leisure, business or other purposes. As said by


Who is a Tourist?

There are many different definitions given to the word tourist

like, people who visit another country

abroad or outside of their home country or a traveler who isn't

interested in tring to accomadating the local

culture, just there to see-sight and be serviced, orcould just be

someone who tours!

We as learning Bahamain students have learn't the definition

of a tourist to be a person who visits another...

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