What Is a Research Paper

What Is a Research Paper

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What is a research paper? (Philomena Quaedvlieg


Research: An Investigation that gives me more information and new conclusions about the subject that I wanted to know about.
Introduction: a concept or little pieces about the subject I are going to tell or write about.
Body paragraphs: A distinct section main ideas that you going to describe about the topic or a question that you got.
Conclusion: important parts at the end of the work or process that you made
Thesis: a theory or statement that I have proved or going to prove
Topic Sentence: a main question that I got about my topic
Supporting Sentences: More questions that I have about my topic or also research question. The supporting Sentences give me more information to make it clarifying
Quotation: words or a statement that is taken from a speech or texts and repeated by somebody else than the original author or speaker.
Cite (verb)/ Citation (noun): Cite: A quote as an evidence for an argument or statement from somebody else in my research paper. Citation: A commendation or an quotation from somebody else into my paper.
Resource(s): A medium that gives me more information about my subject that I want to research
Database: a file or system on a computer that can give me information about my subject
Journal: A magazine or a newspaper that deals with the particular subject I have to research
Book: A written or painted work that I can use as a source of my research subject
Article: A particular item or subject that you can use to research you question.
Encyclopedia: A book that can give you information about a subject or aspects were you want to know more about.
Bibliography (aka Works Cited): a list of books with a specific author or publisher what I use for my research paper.
Header/ Heading: a title at the head of a page or section from my paper

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