What Kingdom Am I?

What Kingdom Am I?

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Im green and complex
My leaves are covered in a waxy cuticle
to help protect me from dehydration
The cellulose in my cell wall keeps me tall
Using the sun, I go through photosynthesis
What kingdom am I?

I am filamentous and I decompose
I secrete enzymes in order to digest food
My body is made of many hyphae and chitinous cell walls
My spores like to go out and play and run away
Why did the mushroom go to the party?
because he was a fun guy
What kingdom am I?

I have four legs that are very hairy
sometimes I can be very scary
you can spot me on a safari
Im very complex and diverse
I have an organ system made of many organs
they keep me moving and alive
What Kingdom am I?

I am a eukaryotic organism
I am not a plant, animal, or fungi
My kind can have one or more cells
I am photosynthetic
but some of my friends are hetotrophic
I dont have an organ system but I do enjoy moisture
I evolved 1 billion years ago
What Kingdom am I?

I am not as popular as my cousin the eukaryote
My cell walls and cell membranes are different
I like extreme environments either salty or very hot
Sometimes I enjoy oxygen and sometimes I do not
I also reproduce asexually
What kingdom am I?

I am so popular
you can find me everywhere
I reproduce so fast you cant get me out of your hair
I live in aerobic and anaerobic conditions
I tend to be in symbiosis with many organisms
I can be your best friend or your worst enemy
I am prokaryotic and unicellular
What kingdom am I?

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