What Makes a Good / Bad Website?

What Makes a Good / Bad Website?

Team 7.
Tarjányi Ernestine
Bleier Anikó
Fehér Zsuzsanna
Babka Zsófia

What makes a good website?

When it comes to search for a really good website, the simplest answer is to look at Amazon.com. There are many reasons for which we can call it a sophisticated, easy-to-use website, but of course it is the fruit of long ages of work and inventions.

The most noticeable feature of the website is that it is really plain and simple. This means that there are no unneeded graphics, videos or animations on the opening page (and neither any further). These shouldn’t be used anyway, because they make the webpage load in slower, or may be even impossible to show on some computers, because they may lack the programs (like Acrobat) to display it. Another helpful thing about being simple is that it doesn’t draw any attention away from the customer, so he can focus on the main reason why he have chosen to visit the website.

Another great thing about the website is that it is easy to navigate. When we first check in, we can see on the left hand side some tags with the most commonly searched items, so just one click, and we have already narrowed down our search from an immense amount of products to the exact product type that we need, and we can strat browsing.

The next great tool is the searchbar of the website. For online auction sites and online shops it is an essential tool nowadays, as on an international site the number of products from which we can choose is huge. By just typing in a keyword it is for sure that we will be navigated to all the products that may get our attention. However, if for example we need extra help, because for example our keyword has more meanings, we can still choose the department in which we would like to do our search.

What also makes easier our choice and search is that the cheapest or discounted items are often advertised on the beginning page. The newest items are also shown there, so if a customer is looking for something...

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