What matters should concrete mixer pay attention to when cleaning

What matters should concrete mixer pay attention to when cleaning

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With the development in recent years, new rural construction, urban renewal and other aspects of development, roads mobile batching plant for sale, bridges, housing and other construction is booming, concrete as the most important construction materials, concrete mixers of various construction sites ideal mixing equipment. Relative to the bridge, crane, the mixer is relatively maintenance is relatively easy, but can not be underestimated, and perhaps a small detail will directly affect the use of concrete mixers, such as: concrete mixer cleaning.

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Concrete mixer should be cleaned note the following:

First, the regular maintenance procedures required by the project, maintenance operations, such as cleaning, lubrication, fuel concrete mixers, etc.

Second, concrete mixer first check before starting the controllers is good, after stoppage of water and stones into the mixing tube 10 to 15 minutes to clean, Then out of the water. If the operator is required to enter the mixing tube cleaning, in addition to cutting off the power and remove the fuse, the switch box and be locked.

Third, prohibit the use of a sledgehammer beat way to clear backlog in the concrete mixer concrete cylinder, can only be cleared with a chisel.

Fourth, in the cold season, after work mixer drum and cleaning with water pumps, water tanks concrete pump with mixer, water put the net in the water pipes to avoid water pumps, water tanks, pipes and other frozen.

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