What May Affect Lifetime of Briquette Press Directly?

What May Affect Lifetime of Briquette Press Directly?

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Our energy saving briquette machine, equipped with automatic temperature control system is designed to produce briquettes with high density from all kinds of biomass like wood, sawdust, rice husks and others. The final briquettes are used as fuel for heating and cooking, and are widely used in many industries like boiler industry. But do you want to know What May Affect Lifetime of Briquette Press Directly?

'Installation convenience' is a feature of Small briquetting machine, but different brand pressure ball machine its humanized design still join together.Many international famous brand in providing personalized products, we have a set of real-time and effective installation, commissioning, troubleshooting solutions. Here, briefly put forward common points for attention in practical engineering and the effective method of troubleshooting on Small briquette machine. Only the correct installation and proper maintenance, in order to let the pressure ball machine play its rightful gleam.Before install pressure ball machine pipeline installation shall be in strict accordance with the electrical specifications, wear the heavy current and weak current signal line isolation apply, to avoid interference.In the outdoor environment, open an independent external lightning protection measures should be taken.

The Small briquetting machine itself also should keep a good grounding, prevent electrostatic cumulative impact on the ball machine.When installation to correctly connected, the power cord, telecommunication lines and video connection with reference to the requirements of the installation instructions, carefully to make sure communication mode and the corresponding pin definition. In general, the Small briquetting machine should be installed in the late construction, in order to avoid the construction site of a large number of dust into the ball machine, directly affect the use effect and life of Small briquette machine.

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