What Really Went Wrong?

What Really Went Wrong?


What started it? What really went wrong?
Was our family’s love, not as strong?
It’s hard to believe, my mother’s the one who’s gone
Every night I cry and think about what went wrong
I ask, why she’s gone, why she left, why she’s not here
Like a waterfall, my eyes fill up, pouring tear after tear
Sometimes I wish my life were different, in a much better way
Hoping that god would give me, just one good day
I think to myself and ask god, why? Why isn’t my life so great?
I guess he says back to me, that it’s just my eternal fate
Maybe someone out there will hear my cry
Praying for me, helping me get by
Mom, I still love you, even though you left me
But I still need you, I need you Mom

By Gabriel Paul Castillo

The poem is linked exactly to my struggle. This young boy’s parents had divorced each other, the mom being the one to leave this time. Mine is slightly different where as my father and I left, my mother granted with the house. But in the poem I can relate to the constant suffering of not having my mother by my side, or there when I need her most. It is a very difficult time in any child’s life.lkansdlaskdnasldknasdlknasd asldkasd laskdlaskdn asldknsaldk nasdlk nasdlknasdslakdkln daslkndlakdsn asdlk lsnka daslk na ldkasd lnk klnlnsankld klnlnkaslna dslnkasask nsad llanksdnaskln

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