What Reason Makes Pulverized Coal Self-Igniting in Dryer Machine?

What Reason Makes Pulverized Coal Self-Igniting in Dryer Machine?

Rotary kiln operation ventilation is the root cause of the partial fire stove uneven, well ventilated part of the fuel combustion speed and position of bottom up, and the temperature is high, the place with bad ventilation fuel combustion speed slow, serious when even can not burn, so the bottom with the material movement and sank down.

Rotary Dryer features are that most dryers are non-standard equipments, mainly because each wet material when drying is different, many drying conditions along with the different of wet material change, leading to the dryer changes in the structure and materials. Therefore must be to determine specific parameters for drying of material, such as wet material status, capacity, type of moisture contained, in the process of the drying the material properties, such as whether produce static electricity, or have any corrosive, combustion and explosive, heat-sensitive materials, product specific requirements, then it can determine the various performance parameters of the rotary dryer. So most of drying equipments are not for batch production. Besides, our company also produces different kinds of breakers, mills, gringders, dryers, feeders, kilns, and etc..

Loading unloading operation is not correct, charging without resistance, according to the key loading balance stove or misjudgment of furnace bottom rising situation, the ventilation is poor judgment as well ventilated, or instead of the measures are taken, the result is more contributed to the furnace ventilation inhomogeneity. Caused partial fire equipment, hongxing is in a fixed position, such as the center of the dustpan hopper do not coincide with the center line of the kiln, or kiln and kiln body different heart, to make the same circular trajectory when feeding, not uniform distribution in the furnace, the kiln liner relatively easy to normal pressure material weight is differ.

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