What Skills Does a Manager Need?

What Skills Does a Manager Need?

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Manager’s posses many vital skills that are important in their day-to-day work and

in dealing with the many challenges that come their way. Mentoring, negotiation, project

management, and presentation skills are only a few of the many skills managers need.

(Robins, Bergman, Stagg & Coulter, 2006, p.17). They must always further develop their

skills in order to successfully manage in the twenty-first century. This report shall discuss

the most relevant and important skills I believe all managers need. Whether managing a

small or large business, in a university, or within a government division; I believe

managers at all levels in the organisation need three main skills, which shall be explored

in further detail. These are communication/people skills, organisational skills and

problem solving skills. These three skills were relied upon enormously by ‘Chris,’ a

former Relationship Manager in Corporate Finance at the Raiffeisen Bank- a European

Bank. He was a middle manager within the head office of this large organisation which

has other smaller branches. To fulfill his main function of coordinating and overseeing

all lending submissions from corporate clients, his proficiency in the three skills

mentioned above always helped him reach the organisational goals.

Having to deal with clients and employees on a day-to-day basis, excellent

communication/people skills were essential to Chris. Robert. L Katz refers to these skills

as ‘human skills.’ As well as ‘technical’ and ‘conceptual skills’, they are one of the ‘three

essential skills’ he deems all managers need, and are ‘crucially’ important whether

managing at the top level or lower levels. (Robins et al. 2006, p.14). ‘Communication is

seen as the most common activity of management.’ (“Managers lack people skills”,

2004) Communication/people skills, includes being able to work with others, listen to and

understand others, and...

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