What Techniques Would You Use to Achieve Genuine Communication in the Classroom

What Techniques Would You Use to Achieve Genuine Communication in the Classroom

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Unit 4 A Karr

Task 1

“Well prepared teachers have a large repertoire of activities for their classes. They can organise preparation and controlled output practice; they can direct students in the acquiring of receptive skills and organise genuinely communicative activities. This repertoire of activities enables them to have varied plans and achieve an activities balance.”

Which of the techniques outlined in this module, and elsewhere in the modules on skills and materials, would you use in order to achieve genuine communication in the classroom?

Communication should take place the minute the class begins. We can achieve this by greeting our class and waiting for the relevant responses, such as “Good morning class, has everyone had a nice weekend?” Taking five minutes at the beginning to go around the class and ask what people did at the weekend, plunges the students straight into speaking mode before they have had a chance to think or perhaps worry about getting involved. It is likely that any shyness will be counteracted by fact that they are eager to share their experiences. Also, by speaking to the students at the outset, we are making it clear it is time to start the lesson; this eradicates any time-wasting as the class get settled.

In order to ensure an open environment and aid the flow of communication, the furniture in the classroom should be re-arranged. Ideally the students should be arranged in a semi-circle to ensure as many people as possible have eye contact with the teacher, and a degree of interaction with each other. This will make pairing students together easier, and enables the swapping of pairs, or grouping students easier. It also ensures that the students are able to see any visual aids clearly. As a teacher, moving around the classroom is important even if the semi-circle arrangement is used as it allows easier access to all of the students and everyone can hear what is going on. We can monitor pairings and...

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