What the User Sees

What the User Sees

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What the user sees

You will see the background is black which will enhance the vision effect because that can reflect the objects on the websites clearly.

At our home page, you will see a picture with many people holding the ski equipments. And below that, there is a short introduction about our website and our purpose. And when you remove your mouse, you will see snowflake flying through your mouse track which will give a dynamic feeling. When you scroll down, you will see a flash that there is a skiing on the snow around a house. Furthermore, when you move your mouse to the left menu, you will be shocked by the effect. The mouse looks like a floodlight kindling the menu and to your surprise, the cursor will change to a kind of animal – pig, which give us a vivid sense and give us an interest to browse the whole web pages to know more about our website.

When we click ‘Rental Rates’, you will see ‘Lift & season pass rates 2005’ and ‘Season Pass Benefits’, which lists the rates of two kinds of rates: Season Pass and Lift Pass. In addition, it also tells you the benefits about Season Pass. The two titles are highlighted with yellow color, which strikes our eyes. Furthermore, if you are of chariness, you will find the menu you clicked will not on the menu lists again. This facilitates us to use the menu lists to browse the website.

In the ‘FAQ’ page, we list the questions that customers often ask us. The questions are in red and the answers are in white. Due to the black background, you will see the questions and answers clearly.

In ‘Resources’ page, like some previous pages, the titles are in yellow. And we use some graphics to illustrate some words’ meaning. This makes the web page more visualized.

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