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What the ...

Jasmine D. Kearse
IB Theater

Courage: The Vitamin C of Acting
By: Ruth Kulerman

The author of this article, Kulerman, expresses his thoughts with the statement courage is about daring and about possibilities. I agree to the highest degree about this statement. I am able to relate to this in relation to my IB Theater class. I honestly believe having the courage to step out on a limb and try new things (in terms of acting).
In the article, the author speaks of himself as it relates to him being a student acting coach. He spoke of someone who encouraged him throughout his acting career. This person encouraged the author to leave all negativity and doubts on the stage/audition. Kulerman frequently stated that this is an essential part of having acting courage.
I will keep Kulerman’s points and ideas about acting courage in mind each time I perform and will not be afraid to step out on a limb when doing so.

Jasmine D. Kearse
IB Theater – 2nd pd Bday

Do Not Let Fear and Anxiety Affect Your Acting or Performance
By: Stanley Popovich
Popovich brought up many overlooked emotions many actors and performers have before they go on stage to do their performance, such as being stressed, nervous, fearful and worried about their performance. In this article Popovich provides a number of techniques any actor/performer can use before a performance.
This list included: taking deep breaths and finding something to do befor the performance (to get your mind off of it), listen to music, get fresh air and doing activities that will give the performer a fresh perspective on things. Listing positive statements in a notebook before each performance is also listed in things to do to calm ones nerves.
I believe writing positive notes in a notebook before each performance is an excellent thing for an actor to do before wach performance. In my opinion this is the best idea for a nerve reliever before a performance. I will attempt to keep a journal such as...

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