What to Do with Life - Return to School

What to Do with Life - Return to School

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Returning to School

Dan Laughlin

ENG 121

Peter Kunze

12 May 2009

Here I am, twenty-two years out of high school having to write a paper for school again. I never thought I would have to do this again. As I mature, I am seeing the need to further my education, not only for myself but for my family as well. In this paper, I will try to give insight into why I have returned to school, the benefits of returning to school, and some of the goals I would like to accomplish in the future from furthering my education.

As I grow older, I needed to decide what I was going to do with my life. As I got closer to graduating from high school, I was very much against the idea of college. While growing up on the farm, going to college wasn’t a priority; working for my dad was. But now, even in the military, it is becoming more difficult to advance without some sort of advanced education.

As time went on and my family got bigger, it became more evident I needed to make more money. After seeing a commercial on television for the Army Reserves, I talked it over with my wife and we decided it would be a good financial decision to join the Reserves. One of the many benefits of the Reserves is the G.I. Bill and tuition assistance. Not only is the school tuition paid for, I am able to put my G.I. Bill money in my pocket.

For the longest time, my wife and I have struggled with bills and trying to make a comfortable lifestyle for our children. With the extra money from my G.I. Bill, we are more easily able to accomplish this goal.

As I once read, “The future doesn’t just drop into our laps…you get the future you want by making it happen” (cited in Hudson and McLean, 2006, p.4). I have seen the need to further my education. By doing so, I can ‘move up the ladder’ quicker and easier at both my civilian job and in the military. This will help my family and I live a more comfortable life and make it easier to help my kids obtain their educational goals. I, as I...

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