What to improve in your school?

What to improve in your school?

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In 21st century when the blackboards are being replaced by smart boards and traditional pointers have no use anymore because of the laser ones. The only things that have not been changed are textbooks. It’s difficult to fit everything in one textbook and even more difficult to carry it everyday to school.
The e-books have some great advantages like:
-It allows textbooks to be easily kept up to date
-Allows a student to highlight something in their textbooks and make some notes without damaging the textbook
-Less weight to carry
-More fun to learn

We are not trying to change the way the subjects were taught completely. At first, eBooks are going to be only for using at school. At home students can use their paper books as usual.

If the answer to our improvements will be “yes” we will provide all the information about the eBooks and the annual service costs.

The Skype lessons

If you want to know more about something, whom do you ask about it? Of course it should be an expert or somebody who is familiar with the subject you are studying. But if there is no opportunity to talk face-to-face to a person who can teach you something new, we would like to suggest a new way of learning – Skype lessons.
For instance, we all know that sometimes inviting a native speaker to a foreign language lesson can be a little problem: you have to call them, invite them to the class, make sure the formal part of the meeting is observed. And with the Skype lessons all you need is a computer with a web camera and a good Internet connection. You can arrange the meeting by e-mail and don’t worry about inviting and meeting a person before class and then see off after the lesson is over.
We need money to set up a good Internet connection at least in our computer class, buy a good web camera and to find some good experts in the spheres we want to learn.
chill out zone

All the students know the fact that sometimes if you don't have a lesson or you have a break,...

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