What Was the Impact of the Coming of the Railways

What Was the Impact of the Coming of the Railways

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Active Massey
Explore Moire Park

In & Around Moire Park
Moire Park is one of Waitakere’s hidden treasures. The area was settled in 1600 by Te Kawerau A Maki and ancestral links go back to the 14th century. Harbours and surrounding land were extensively used for fishing camping and the collection of resources. European settlement began in the 1840s with milling of timber, farming and gum digging. Moire Park takes its name from the daughter of the Colwill Family who settled in the area in 1907. They established a 30ha orchard and also used the land for livestock. The farm was subdivided during the depression and the major residential development of Massey occured in the 1970s and 80s. The development of West Harbour followed soon after in the 1980s and 90s. Moire Park is a major centre for sport and active recreation in Waitakere, offering opportunities such as athletics, touch rugby, kilikiti, orienteering, walking and rugby. The vegetation in the park is a mix of native and exotic trees and bush. The Liquidambar trees that surround the sports fields were planted by former local councillor Fred Taylor. They provide a spectacular display in Autumn when their leaves change colour. The “Trees for babies” event held in Moire Park in 1995, celebrated the birth of new born babies with their families planting trees.

Manutewhau Walkway
Take the kids for a day out at Manutewhau. Named after the stream it follows, this walkway has something for everyone. Paddle in the cool shallow water and marvel at the sculptured stream bed or wind your way through the native bush tracks – some of the lushest remaining in the Waitakere urban area. Enjoy a picnic afterwards in Moire Park while children play on the playground, fly a kite or kick a ball around on the sports fields. This spectacular walkway can be accessed from: Oriel Ave, Holmes Drive, Moire Rd, Moire Park, Allington Rd, and West Harbour Drive.

Massey Matters
Our place, our people, our future
Massey Matters...

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