What I Expect Out of Life in 10yrs Time????

What I Expect Out of Life in 10yrs Time????

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Where do I begin???.... When I think of life in 10yrs time it petrifies me as no one knows what way life will be like, question after question evolves round my head. Thinking of my life I would have to say I would be hoping that is would still be in generally good health considering I will be 3 months of the right old age of 50; now that scares me. I could be a grandmother! (Beautiful thought) but however in reality I have 2 paths in my head.

Path A, would be my dream... To have fast tracked college university be a baby nurse whilst being the the backbone of the family raising the 2 youngest of my 4 children looking after my eldest 2 children and whatever baggage they may have as well, whilst looking after my husband and the rest of my surviving family in which I hope they are all happy and healthy.

Plan B. Would b to have made it through the past 10years with not too much more health issues, hoping diabetes has not went out of control and traumatised my life too much. Hoping the non-cancerous tumour in my right arm has remained non-cancerous. Hoping in general that my family have kept their health have gained in their wealth and are happy in everything they do.

My whole life is my family and everything I do now and I hope in 10 years time is for them and to be honest I would not have it any other way .... From the age of about 15 my main goal in life was to have my own children and be a wonderful doting mother that I was privilaged to have and I fulfilled my dream 5 times over and I am a very lucky lady to achieved my dream and for my dream.

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