What I Hope to Achieve in the Next Ten Years

What I Hope to Achieve in the Next Ten Years

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Since the beginning of times abortion has been one of the most practice and well controversial in society. This unending issue was ingrained in American society since at least 1900. Most, if not all, the states had some kind of laws for or again abortion. This debate took an unprecedented turn in 1973, when the Supreme Court invalidated all these laws and provided guidelines for the unimpeded access of abortion in the Roe versus Wade decision. In light of these guidelines and continuous debate, I want to touch on the issues of 1st baby affordability and 2nd being too young. These are few of the topics that make abortion such a sensitive subject even today.

The financial and economic aspects are critical either in planning for a baby or just having baby out of wedlock. This would determine the wellbeing of both the baby and the mother. In addition, both will not be a burden for the government and will not undermine community later in life, including family members. Having had to juggle these unpredictable a woman got pregnant might want to have an abortion by virtue of her bad financial and social background because she fears that she will be unable to offer the child an appropriate life perspective. One can argue society ought to offer everything possible to assist the woman in taking care of her child. According to this line of thinking, financial or social background should not be decisive for having an abortion. These people ignored getting assistance is harder, stricter, humiliating and most of all, until what end. Society doesn’t have the mean, the appetite to assist a woman economically in the baby’s well fare.

21.3% Cannot afford a baby
12.2% Too young; parent(s) or other(s) object to pregnancy...

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