What I Notice with People #2

What I Notice with People #2

When you are asking personal questions did you ever really wonder why people ask about what kind of music they listen to? Well my perspective to this is that music shows how a persons mind ussually takes things. For example: If you like rock you can be energetic, yet have troubles in your life. The term ROCK and ROll is for a rocky path.

Now I havent really studied other music types on personality but i have noticed this towards some people. If i am wrong or you dont agree on this therory I'm sorry...Im just writing my thoughts down on the matter. I do not mean to affend anyone with this message.

This piece of information is what I have found as of personal traits toward these
types of music. please be aware this is an opinion, a strong on but none the less, an opinion.

Classical, jazz, blues, folk -- Reflective and complex (open, politically liberal, intelligent, not athletic, with verbal cognitive ability)

Alternative, rock, heavy metal -- Intense and rebellious (open, athletic, intelligent, with verbal cognitive ability)

Country, pop, religious, soundtracks -- Upbeat and conventional (extroverted, agreeable, conscientious, politically conservative, physically attractive, wealthy, athletic, low on verbal cognitive ability)

Rap/hip-hop, soul/funk, electronica/dance -- Energetic and rhythmic (extroverted, politically liberal, physically attractive, athletic, "blirtatious")

Take note that this is not accurate but most of this is true. The rest of this is figureing it out for yourself. Also take note that this isnt really much of an essay, more of a point I wish to make. I hope that this makes sense to those who read this.

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