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Developing a Statement of Ethics
Roderick F. Dewar
IT Organizational Behavior
December 13, 2010
Mark Paxton

This paper will discuss the personal ethics that are important while attending a college or university. The six main core values will be outlined and explained. Moral standards will be used to put the six main core values into usable statements. These Statements while help form a code of ethics.

Developing a Statement of Ethics
Every student should have and follow a code of personal ethics concerning their academic career. Nijhof et al. (2003) describe a code of ethics as “an instrument for responsibilities” (p. 62), while “a written, distinct, and formal document which consists of moral standards which help guide employee or corporate behaviors” is what Schwartz (2005, p. 27) wrote on the subject.
A code that encompasses all aspects of conduct is essential. A student must know what is acceptable behavior when it comes to assignments and interaction with other students and instructors. Adams, Tashchian & Shore (2001) found in their article, Codes of Ethics as Signals for Ethical Behavior, that in an organization “the mere presence of a code of ethics is more important than the content of the code per se. In fact, we found that although most respondents could not recall specific features of their company’s ethics code, employees of companies having a code had very different perceptions of ethical climate and behavior than employees of companies lacking a code” (p. 10). In this case it stands to reason that if just having a code of ethics helps on a cooperate level; it has the ability to help on a personal level.
Developing a...

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