1 What DEFCON level should you use when in war?

2 What is the strength range of targets you can attack?

3 If your odds of winning a ground attack are 68% what attack type should you use?
Aggressive attack

4 Once your enemy is in anarchy should you stop attacking?

5 What order should you perform things in when you first declare a war and attack? Things to include: ground battles, DEFCON, aircraft, buying, deploying, etc. Also include what you do leading up to the declaration, specifically what things you look at about the target and what things you check on the forums.
Check and see if another nation has claim, in not, claim the target, double check if target is approved, change Defcon to 1, declare war, check their Defenses, deploy troops but no more than 150%. Order of attack should be navy, ground, cruise missiles and air.

6 In addition to a lower income what other affects does anarchy have?
Doubles cost of spys and cannot declare war.

7 What is the ultimate goal when at war with an enemy nation?
To wipe out the nation through deletion

8 When can you use nuclear weapons?
When they are approved

9 You are at war with a nation that is approximately the same strength as yours and your attacks are not quite getting the percentages you want. Both nations have soldiers, tanks, aircraft, and cruise missiles, however, only you have spies; neither nation has nuclear weapons. What should you do right now to improve your odds?
Improve technology

10 If an approved nation you want to attack already had two wars declared on it today is it okay to declare on it today? If not, when is it okay?
No, you should declare war when the other wars have expired.

11. How many days of bills are you required to save up for?
five weeks

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