Maytag Homework– Case Write-up


What are the key external trends/forces in Maytag’s external environment? What opportunities are available? What forces in the environment might threaten Maytag?

Some of the major trends in Maytag’s external environment are:
The increase of two-income families had increased the upscale market, resulting a more stylish and costly features.
The best way for appliance makers to appeal to the younger generation X was to offer new and unique products.
After more than 50 years of rising sales the US and Canadian market of Home appliance industry reached maturity.
To meet the government DOE requirements, home appliances providers need to make technological changes to achieve energy conservation improvement.

The major opportunities available in this industry according to me are:
People want unique products and are willing to pay more as well as change their home appliances more often.
The technology is growing very fast.
Need of new appliances with new homes being built.
Growing housing market
Baby boomers that are familiar with the brand

The major forces that can threaten Maytag are Rivalry and the bargaining power of buyers.
Rivalry: There are some strong competitors in the industry that Maytag has to consider as a big threat because they are well-established and well-known. These competitors are emphasizing unique and innovative design.
Bargaining power of Buyers: The buyers have an important bargaining power because they buy large amounts.

What is Maytag’s current situation/mission?
I found this mission statement online:

“To be the leader in the home appliance industry of North America, specializing in manufacture and sale of laundry equipment (washers and dryers), kitchen appliances (cooking ranges, dishwashers, refrigerators), floor-care products (vacuum cleaners and floor polish equipment). The company also runs a vending machine equipment...

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